inflation noun

ADJ. high | low, moderate | zero | galloping, raging, rampant, rising, runaway, soaring, spiralling, uncontrollable | double-digit (= 10 per cent or more) | consumer-price, price, wage | domestic

VERB + INFLATION cause | fuel, push up, raise | beat, bring down/under control, check, combat, control, curb, cut, fight, get down/under control, keep down, keep in check, keep under control, reduce policies to beat inflation It is vital that inflation is kept in check. | keep pace with Wages are not keeping pace with inflation.

INFLATION + VERB be up | be down Inflation is down to its lowest level in three years. | exceed sth, reach sth Inflation reached a monthly rate of 5%. | average sth, be at sth, run at sth, stand at sth Inflation is running at 4%. | edge up, go up, increase, rise | fall, go down, slow Inflation has slowed to 7%. | erode sth savings eroded by inflation

INFLATION + NOUN figures, rate an inflation rate of 2% | forecast, target

PHRASES the battle/fight against inflation, a drop/fall in inflation, an increase/a rise in inflation an increase in inflation to 3.5% | a rate of inflation