infection noun

ADJ. heavy, nasty, serious, severe | mild, minor, moderate | acute | chronic | recurrent | further | primary, secondary If the primary infection is not treated further outbreaks may occur. | new Over 90% of all new infections occur in the developing world. | rare | bacterial, fungal, viral | chest, ear, etc. | respiratory, urinary, etc. | herpes, HIV, etc.

VERB + INFECTION have, suffer (from) He's suffering from an acute infection of the lower respiratory tract. | be at risk from/of, be prone/susceptible/vulnerable to Goats appear to be more susceptible to the infection than sheep. | be exposed to Vaccination is essential to protect people exposed to hepatitis B infection. | acquire, catch, contract, develop, get She's always getting chest infections. | pass (on), spread, transmit The infection is passed on through the horse feed. | carry Almost all the sheep on the farm carried the infection. | guard against, protect sb/sth from to protect the body from infection | avoid, prevent | combat, fight The virus affects the body's immune system so that it cannot fight infection. | fight off, kill Normally, white blood cells fight off and kill infections. | recover from | leave/make sb susceptible to, leave/make sb vulnerable to | die from/of | diagnose (sb with) | treat (sb for)

INFECTION + VERB develop, occur an infection that occurs in swans | spread They want to prevent the infection spreading to other parts of the body. | cause sth, result in sth Heavy lung infections may result in pneumonia.

PREP. in~ In acute infections of the urinary tract the patient may suffer severe pain. | ~ by infection of people by the virus | ~ from infection from sewage water | ~ through infection through unsafe sex | ~ with infection with bacteria

PHRASES a cause of infection, the onset of infection The drug must be taken from the onset of the infection. | resistance to infection Taking vitamin C builds up your resistance to infection. | a risk of infection, a site of infection (medical) The urethra was the primary site of infection | a source of infection We are trying to trace the source of infection. | the spread of infection > Special page at ILLNESS