industry noun

ADJ. thriving | important, key, major | (fastest) growing | declining | modern | traditional | cottage Weaving and knitting are traditional cottage industries. | domestic, international, local, national | private, privatized | government-owned, nationalized, state-run | heavy | light | strategic strategic industries such as the extraction of oil and natural gas | manufacturing, service the shift away from manufacturing to service industry | labour-intensive | high-tech/high-technology | building, construction | engineering | shipbuilding | chemical, coal, electricity, energy, gas, mining, nuclear, oil, petrochemical | agricultural, fishing, food, timber | pharmaceutical | automobile, automotive, car, motor | computer, electronics | textiles | advertising | insurance | entertainment, film, music/record | catering, hospitality, hotel, leisure, tourist

VERB + INDUSTRY assist, develop, encourage, help, stimulate The government decided to encourage industries based on biotechnology. government measures to stimulate new industry | run down Running down the nuclear industry will result in heavy job losses. | damage They claim that a commercial port would damage the local tourist industry. | cripple, destroy, ruin | nationalize | privatize | regulate | protect trade barriers erected to protect domestic industry | subsidize The state's timber industry is heavily subsidized. | interfere in/with The government has interfered in industry, with disastrous results, by attempting to alter economic trends. | be involved in/with More than 140,000 people are directly involved in the industry. | enter, go into students training to enter the catering industry She decided to leave teaching and go into industry.

INDUSTRY + VERB develop, grow up, spring up In the favourable economic environment, new light industries are constantly springing up. | boom, expand, grow The tourist industry is still expanding rapidly. | decline, shrink | close down, disappear When the railway disappeared, other industries associated with it closed down. | compete | produce sth

INDUSTRY + NOUN leader | standard They hope that the disk drive will become an industry standard.

PREP. in/within ~ In the computer industry, change comes about very rapidly.

PHRASES a captain of industry, commerce and industry The banks lend money to commerce and industry. | regulation of (an) industry proposals for regulation of the water industry | the revival of (an) industry the revival of the British film industry | a sector of industry, trade and industry the Department of Trade and Industry