individual noun

ADJ. outstanding, talented | key | powerful | creative | average, ordinary Their research shows that the average individual watches around three and a half hours of television per day. | private He was carrying out his functions as a trustee in the course of his business, rather than as a private individual. | single | particular, certain The motives influencing a particular individual may change from time to time. | autonomous, independent His philosophy is about becoming aware of oneself as an autonomous individual. | isolated Society does not consist of isolated individuals, but people in a network of relationships. | unique She saw the artist as a unique individual, possessing a heightened awareness of reality. | like-minded a group of like-minded individuals | named The book recommends that you sign ‘Yours sincerely’ if you are send | qualified We welcome applications from suitably qualified individuals. | human We know that all human individuals are unique.

VERB + INDIVIDUAL treat sb as The teacher should treat each pupil as an individual.

INDIVIDUAL + VERB vary Although individuals vary widely, the bones of the average female skeleton are smaller and lighter than the male.

INDIVIDUAL + NOUN level His writings are concerned with religious phenomena at the individual level.

PHRASES any/no/one individual No single individual had done so much for the development of the motor vehicle. | concern for the individual, the freedom of the individual the issue of the freedom of the individual versus the intervention of the state | a group of individuals She had taken a group of individuals and made them into a superb team. | the individual concerned It's up to the individual concerned to contact the police. | the needs of the individual Each course has to be tailored to the needs of the individual. | respect for the individual, vary from individual to individual Eating habits are bound to vary from individual to individual.