indignation noun

ADJ. considerable, great, high His response was one of high indignation. | widespread | public | moral, righteous | mock

VERB + INDIGNATION be filled with, be full of, feel They were full of righteous indignation at the thought of being cheated. | express, show | blush/burn/flush with, quiver/shudder/tremble with His plump face flushed with indignation. Bertha's voice quivered with indignation. | arouse, cause, provoke

INDIGNATION + VERB grow, rise Indignation grew as more nightclubs opened. She could feel her indignation rising.

PREP. in ~ She turned to him in indignation. | with ~ He refused it with some indignation. | ~ about/at/over The government expressed its indignation over the way the incident had been handled. | ~ against public indignation against the government