indifference noun

ADJ. complete, supreme, total | a certain | growing | studied | apparent, feigned, pretended, seeming | bland, casual | callous, cold, cool, cruel | public

VERB + INDIFFERENCE feel | express, show She showed total indifference to his fate. | affect, assume, feign, pretend He feigned indifference to criticism of his work. | regard sb/sth with The more recent members of staff regard the change in corporate culture with a certain indifference. | treat sb/sth with | be met with Constable's landscapes met with indifference when they were first exhibited. | be resigned to The president is resigned to public indifference to his latest initiative.

PREP. with an ~ Ellis spoke with a casual indifference that he did not feel. | ~ to/towards his indifference towards art

PHRASES an attitude of indifference She adopted an attitude of supreme indifference. | a matter of indifference It's a matter of indifference to me whether he goes or not.