indication noun

ADJ. firm, good, great, strong | accurate, reliable, true | clear, definite, sure | important | useful, valuable | sufficient | approximate, broad, fair, general, reasonable, rough | simple | positive | initial, preliminary | outward, visual, visible Rising interest rates were an outward indication of the change in government attitude to economic controls. Some car alarms have no visual indication that they are in operation.

VERB + INDICATION be, constitute, serve as The popularity of the government building project served as an indication of public support. | have A government spokesperson said they had no indication who was responsible for the attack. | give (sb), provide (sb with) His early successes gave some indication of his ability. | get, receive | find, see The researchers say they can find no indication that television has harmful physical effects on children. | regard sth as, see sth as, take sth as The comments made by management may be taken as an indication of how they felt about their workers.

INDICATION + VERB show sth, suggest sth Indications show that at least 2,000 more businesses will go bankrupt before the end of the year.

PREP. amid ~s of Amid indications of growing disorder in the capital, the president is to make a speech on television tonight. | ~ as to He gave us no indication as to what was the matter. | ~ to This is an indication to drivers who break the law that they will be punished

PHRASES (all) the indications are that … All the indications are that she will make a full recovery. | there is every indication that … There's every indication that the operation has been a success.