independent adj.

1 not needing other people

VERBS be, feel, seem | become | remain | make sb Travelling in Asia has made her a lot more independent.

ADV. fiercely, sturdily, very Many disabled people are fiercely independent. | completely | fairly, pretty, quite | economically, financially

PREP. of By the age of eighteen he was completely independent of his parents.

2 not influenced or controlled by anyone else

VERBS be | become | remain | make sth | declare sth In 1961 the country was declared independent.

ADV. completely, entirely, fully, genuinely, quite, totally, truly, wholly | almost, fairly, largely, virtually | increasingly | effectively, essentially The country has pursued an effectively independent line on military issues. | nominally, supposedly | newly newly independent countries | politically

PREP. from The country became fully independent from France in 1960. | of an organization that is independent of the government