independence noun

ADJ. considerable, great | complete, full, total | relative The council's relative independence of the government means it can negotiate its own agreements. | nominal | genuine, real, true | de facto Aquitaine's de facto independence from the king of France | continued/continuing, growing | hard-won | local, national | academic, economic, editorial, financial, judicial, personal, political, professional

QUANT. degree, measure

VERB + INDEPENDENCE have Young people have more independence these days. | lack | enjoy, value I value my independence too much to get married. | display, show She displayed independence of judgement in choosing a career quite different from that of her parents. | assert Edward III tried to assert his independence of the regime at court. | achieve, gain, win Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1821. | bring (about) the need to bring independence to the country a colonial crisis which brought about independence | declare, proclaim | ensure, maintain, preserve, retain, sustain The army is committed to ensuring the independence of the country. | give up, lose She doesn't want to lose her hard-won independence. | regain, restore | encourage, promote Parents should encourage independence in their children. | undermine Economic aid tends to undermine the national independence of third world countries. | seek | call for, demand | vote for | give sb/sth, grant sb/sth | recognize They have agreed to recognize the breakaway republic's independence.

INDEPENDENCE + VERB come Independence came to the British colonial territories in Africa in the late fifties and early sixties.

INDEPENDENCE + NOUN day | celebrations | movement | struggle

PREP. at ~ Namibia became a full member of the UN at independence. | ~ from independence from Spain | ~ of the church's independence of the state independence of mind

PHRASES a declaration of independence, a lack of independence, the loss of independence, a sign/symbol of independence The car became a symbol of independence. | the struggle for independence, a war of independence the American War of Independence