inconvenience noun

ADJ. considerable, great, serious | minor | public The rail strike is likely to cause considerable public inconvenience. | administrative

VERB + INCONVENIENCE have, suffer | avoid I chose a different route to avoid the inconvenience of going through the town centre. | cause (sb), put sb to I don't want to put you to any inconvenience. | minimize, save (sb) You could have fetched me from the airport and saved me the inconvenience of having to take the bus! | apologize for, regret This shop is closed today for staff training. We regret any inconvenience caused.

INCONVENIENCE + VERB arise from sth inconvenience arising from errors in the timetable

PREP. ~ to Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to customers while work is in progress.

PHRASES with a minimum of inconvenience The club management will try to ensure that the building work is carried out with the minimum of inconvenience to guests.