improvement noun

ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, marked, massive, material, radical, remarkable, significant, substantial, vast | marginal, minor, modest, slight, small | noticeable, obvious, visible | actual, definite, distinct, genuine, real, tangible | measurable | dramatic, rapid, sharp | gradual, incremental, steady | constant, continued, continuing, continuous, progressive, sustained | long-term | short-term | temporary | further | all-round, general, overall | important, notable | much-needed, necessary | welcome | useful | positive | recent | immediate | desired, expected | suggested If suggested improvements are not carried out, we have the right to suspend the insurance cover. | intended | possible, potential | underlying Their policies have resulted in a definite underlying improvement in the economy. | moral | economic, educational, environmental, health, safety, social | organizational, productivity, quality, service, technical, technological | agricultural, land | ground, home, housing, rail, road, school The club will spend £300,000 on ground improvements.

VERB + IMPROVEMENT be, constitute, reflect, represent The country's economic record since 1945 represents an improvement on the period between the world wars. | show Exports have showed some improvement. | need, require | carry out, effect, make He made a steady improvement and was released within 10 days of admission. | lead to, produce, provide, result in, yield The drug produced an improvement in all but one case. | achieve, bring (about), secure steps taken to secure improvement in pupils' attendance | seek | call for, demand | recommend, suggest | encourage, promote | announce, report Wholesalers reported an improvement in sales for the third quarter. | notice, see, witness With this exercise plan you will notice an enormous improvement in your stamina. | find No improvement was found after the tenth day of treatment.

IMPROVEMENT + VERB take place | result from sth

IMPROVEMENT + NOUN programme, scheme The proposed road improvement scheme involves bypassing several villages. | work The improvement work to houses will create jobs.

PREP. ~ in The new factory brought a huge improvement in working conditions. | ~ on/over/upon These results are a distinct improvement on last year's. | ~ to Several improvements were made to the design during its production run.

PHRASES an area for/of improvement The new assessment system could pinpoint areas for improvement within the company. | room/scope for improvement Their average marks have risen, but there is still room for improvement. | signs of improvement The economy is showing signs of improvement.