impossible adj.

1 not possible

VERBS appear, be, look, prove, seem, sound | become | remain | make sth, render sth Darkness made it impossible to continue. | believe sth, consider sth, deem sth, find sth, regard sth as, see sth as, think sth I found his offer impossible to resist.

ADV. absolutely, completely, quite, totally, utterly | frankly Cooking for forty would be frankly impossible without my new assistant. | just, simply I'm really sorry. It's just impossible. | by no means, far from, not altogether a desirable and far from impossible objective to achieve | almost, more or less, near, nearly, next to, nigh on, practically, virtually, well-nigh It was well-nigh impossible for him to convince her that he was right. | pretty | effectively | literally | apparently, seemingly | theoretically | clearly, obviously | equally Both options are equally impossible. | generally | hitherto, previously With the new equipment we will be able to accomplish hitherto impossible tasks. | ultimately | economically, financially, logically, logistically, mathematically, politically, physically, scientifically, socially, technically The high cost of childcare made returning to work economically impossible.

PREP. for The situation is quite impossible for us. It's impossible for me to say.

2 bad-tempered; difficult to talk to/deal with

VERBS be | become | find sb I find her impossible.

ADV. bloody (taboo), really | absolutely, completely, quite, totally You can be absolutely impossible at times! | just