import noun

ADJ. main, major | foreign, overseas | cheap | annual The value of annual imports rose rapidly. | net the UK's net imports of food | total | essential | luxury | illegal | agricultural, car, coal, energy, food, grain, oil, steel, etc.

VERB + IMPORT boost, increase pressure on the government to stimulate the faltering economy and boost imports | curb, cut, reduce, restrict | discourage | control | block, prevent, stop | ban, prohibit The government decided to prohibit the import of toxic waste. | finance Most of their oil revenues are used to finance imports of consumer and capital goods. | replace The industry aims both to increase exports and replace imports.

IMPORT + VERB grow, increase, rise | drop, fall | be valued at sth, total sth Imports were valued at £516 million last month. | account for sth Imports of foodstuffs accounted for a small proportion of total imports.

IMPORT + NOUN ban, control, restrictions | duty, tariff | price rising import prices | licence | quota A restricted import quota was set for meat products. | penetration greater import penetration of the domestic market

PREP. ~ from America has cut its oil imports from the Middle East by 73%. | ~ into Special duties were imposed on imports into the republic.

PHRASES a ban/restriction on imports, the demand for imports, a fall/rise in imports > Note at PERCENT (for more verbs)