impetus noun

ADJ. considerable, great, powerful, strong | main, major | immediate, initial, original | fresh, new, renewed Each new rumour added fresh impetus to the smear campaign. | added, extra, further | necessary His disappointment in the World Championships provided the necessary impetus to give everything for this final race.

VERB + IMPETUS add, give sb/sth, provide (sb/sth with) The slope added impetus to his speed. | gain, gather, receive The movement is steadily gaining impetus. | lose With the death of its founder, the campaign lost much of its impetus.

IMPETUS + VERB come from sth Much of the impetus for change came from customers' opinions.

PREP. ~ behind sb/sth The main impetus behind the move west was to find gold and other minerals. | ~ for the impetus for arms control agreements | ~ towards the impetus towards urban development