impatience noun

ADJ. growing, mounting | slight | barely concealed/controlled

QUANT. hint, note, touch

VERB + IMPATIENCE feel She felt a growing impatience. | express, show He was trying hard not to show his impatience. | contain, control, curb, restrain unable to contain her impatience | conceal, hide


PREP. with ~ He stamped his feet as he waited with barely concealed impatience for the telephone. | ~ at He expressed impatience at the slow rate of progress. | ~ for his impatience for her to return | ~ with impatience with the slowness of change

PHRASES a gesture of impatience He shook his head in a gesture of impatience. | a sigh of impatience He bit back a sigh of impatience. | signs of impatience The children were beginning to show signs of impatience.