hysteria noun

ADJ. mass, public | mild, near | rising | media, tabloid Unnecessary anxiety has been caused by media hysteria and misinformation. | religious

QUANT. fit She smashed the place up in a fit of hysteria. | note, touch the touch of hysteria in her voice

VERB + HYSTERIA border on Sam arrived in a state of excitement bordering on hysteria. | bring on, engender, generate That thought was enough to bring on near hysteria.

HYSTERIA + VERB mount, rise She felt hysteria rising. | die down, diminish Eventually the hysteria died down. | sweep (across/through) sth the hysteria that swept through the country

PREP. ~ about public hysteria about the bombings | ~ over hysteria over Aids

PHRASES on the brink/point/verge of hysteria She was babbling, on the verge of hysteria.