hypothesis noun

ADJ. acceptable, plausible | bold Scientists have proposed a bold hypothesis. | unlikely | speculative | testable | working These observations appear to support our working hypothesis. | scientific

VERB + HYPOTHESIS construct, form, formulate, have, make, propose, put forward, suggest It is possible to make a hypothesis on the basis of this graph. A number of hypotheses have been put forward. | consider, discuss, examine, test (out) using this data to test her hypothesis | confirm, prove, support | accept | reject None of the hypotheses can be rejected at this stage.

VERB + HYPOTHESIS concern sth Her hypothesis concerns the role of electromagnetic radiation. | predict sth The hypothesis predicts that children will perform better on task A than on task B.

PREP. on a/the ~ Her study is based on the hypothesis that language simplification is possible. | ~ about an interesting hypothesis about the development of language | ~ on The results confirmed his hypothesis on the use of modal verbs.