hunt noun

1 hunting wild animals

ADJ. fox, seal, tiger, etc.

VERB + HUNT take part in She had never taken part in a fox hunt before.

HUNT + NOUN follower, supporter Hunt followers deny the sport is cruel. | saboteur clashes between hunt supporters and hunt saboteurs | meeting

2 searching for sb/sth

ADJ. massive, nationwide Police launched a nationwide hunt for the woman, amid fears for her safety. | police | murder Police forces in five counties are now involved in the murder hunt. | treasure | witch (often figurative) The investigation turned into a full-scale Communist witch hunt.

HUNT + VERB begin, launch A massive police hunt was launched for the missing child. | lead Detectives leading the hunt for the killer believe he may be in hiding. | step up The mountain rescue team is stepping up its hunt for the missing climbers. | call off The hunt for survivors has now been called off.

HUNT + VERB begin, be on The hunt is on for potential employees with experience of electronic publishing.

PREP. ~ for