humour noun

1 amusing quality/ability to find things funny

ADJ. wry With wry humour, they laugh at their misfortunes. | irreverent | caustic, sardonic | black, dark, gallows, grim | self-deprecating | gentle | tongue-in-cheek | slapstick, visual | unconscious, unintentional | deadpan, dry | schoolboy His colleagues soon got fed up with his schoolboy humour. | lavatorial

QUANT. touch Her speech was serious, but not without the occasional touch of humour.

VERB + HUMOUR be full of, contain The stories are full of humour. | appreciate, see The man who lost his shoes failed to see the humour of the situation.

PHRASES a brand of humour a television sitcom with its own peculiar brand of humour | sense of humour to have a dry/good/great/warped/weird/wicked sense of humour

2 mood

ADJ. good Her good humour was restored by the excellent meal.

PHRASES in (a) good humour The remarks were made in good humour. He was obviously in a good humour this evening.