housing noun

ADJ. affordable, cheap, good, low-cost The aim of the scheme was to provide good low-cost housing for workers. | decent, good | adequate | bad, inadequate, poor, substandard Many health problems are made worse by poor housing. | permanent, temporary | council, local authority, public, social Public expenditure on social housing provision has doubled in the last five years. | rented | private | sheltered sheltered housing for old people | high-rise | rural, urban

VERB + HOUSING provide

HOUSING + NOUN association, authority, committee, department, office | conditions | development, estate, scheme Many new housing developments had sprung up around the city. | construction | provision | market | crisis, shortage | allowance, benefit She receives a substantial housing allowance on top of her salary. I received housing benefit when I was unemployed.

PREP. in … ~ Too many families are still living in substandard housing.