hotel noun

ADJ. big, large | little, small | cheap, expensive | five-star, four-star, etc. | attractive, beautiful, comfortable, delightful, deluxe, good, grand, elegant, excellent, fine, first-class, luxurious, luxury, pleasant, posh, quality, smart, top all the style and comfort that only the best hotels can provide It was a luxury hotel with its own swimming pool and restaurant. | seedy | modern | air-conditioned The hotel is fully air-conditioned. | traditional | friendly | family, family-run a family hotel with a playground for small children a friendly family-run hotel | independent, private | international | country, country-house a small country hotel | holiday, resort, tourist | seafront, seaside | local, nearby | bed and breakfast homeless families living in bed and breakfast hotels

VERB + HOTEL stay at/in We're staying at a cheap hotel near the station. | book in at/into, check in at/into, check out of We checked into the hotel, then went for a walk along the beachfront. | own | manage, run

HOTEL + VERB be located, be situated The hotel is situated in the historic heart of the city. | feature sth, have sth, offer sth, provide sth The hotel features a lovely dining room overlooking the lake. The hotel offers excellent facilities.

HOTEL + NOUN accommodation, bedroom, room, suite | restaurant | foyer, lobby | guest, manager | industry | chain, group

PREP. at a/the ~ We met at the hotel. | in a/the ~ We're staying in a two-star hotel in the centre of the city.