hospital noun

ADJ. community, district, local | NHS, private | day, long-stay | general | children's, maternity, mental, psychiatric, etc. | teaching

VERB + HOSPITAL go into/to He's had to go into hospital rather suddenly. | rush sb to, take sb to | admit sb to, readmit sb to | stay in | come out of, leave She came out of hospital this morning. | discharge sb from

HOSPITAL + NOUN doctor, staff | inpatient, outpatient, patient | care, services, treatment | clinic, unit, ward | bed | admission, stay

PREP. at a/the ~ She works at the John Radcliffe Hospital. | in (a/the) ~ He is in hospital recovering from a heart operation. I used to work as a cleaner in a hospital. | to (a/the) ~ He's been taken to hospital for tests. We went to the hospital to visit my gran.

PHRASES admission to hospital, a stay in hospital