horror noun

1 feeling of fear/shock

ADJ. abject, absolute, utter The thought of working nights fills me with abject horror. | mock She raised her hands in mock horror when she saw my new haircut.

VERB + HORROR feel, have She felt horror and pity at seeing Marcus so ill. She had a horror of pubs. | fill sb with The possibility of meeting him again filled me with horror. | overcome | recoil in Anna recoiled in horror as the snake approached.

HORROR + NOUN film, story They were trying to scare each other with horror stories about going to the dentist.

PREP. in ~ They watched in horror as the aircraft crashed to the ground. | to your ~ To his horror, he saw a dead body lying beside the road. | with ~ He realized with absolute horror that he no longer had the money. | ~ of I'm trying to overcome my horror of insects.

PHRASES a look of horror, shock horror newspapers full of shock horror headlines

2 sth frightening/shocking

ADJ. full He never experienced the full horrors of trench warfare. | ultimate I used to regard public speaking as the ultimate horror.

VERB + HORROR commit, inflict, perpetrate He had witnessed horrors committed by the enemy. | experience, suffer | witness