honour noun

1 sth that makes you feel proud

ADJ. great, rare, signal, special, tremendous | doubtful, dubious Max was given the dubious honour of organizing the children's party.

VERB + HONOUR have I had the rare honour of being allowed into the artist's studio. | do sb (formal), give sb Will you do me the honour of dining with me? | share He shared the honour of being the season's top scorer with Andy Cole.

2 great respect

PREP. in sb's ~ They organized a party in his honour.

PHRASES a guard of honour The princess's coffin was accompanied by a guard of honour. | (the) guest of honour The president was guest of honour at the society's banquet. | a lap of honour The crowd cheered while the athletes ran their lap of honour. | a mark of honour They stood in silence as a mark of honour to the drowned sailors. | the place/seat of honour, a roll of honour The school's roll of honour lists everyone killed in the war.

3 good reputation

ADJ. family, national, personal, professional He was now satisfied that the family honour had been restored.

VERB + HONOUR defend, fight for, save, uphold She felt she had to defend the honour of her profession. | restore | do, bring This biography does great honour to the poet's achievements. She brought honour to her country as an Olympic medal-winner.

HONOUR + VERB be satisfied In the return match the home team won 3?0 and honour was satisfied. | be at stake National honour is at stake in this match between France and England.

PREP. on your ~ (old-fashioned) I swear on my honour (= very seriously) that I knew nothing about this. | with ~ The prime minister sought an agreement that would bring peace with honour. | without ~ a man without honour

PHRASES be/feel (in) honour bound (to … ) He felt honour bound to help her. | a code of honour Knights in the Middle Ages had a strong code of honour. | a man of honour, a matter/point of honour It is a matter of professional honour to keep our standards as high as possible. | a sense of honour, sb's word of honour I give you my word of honour I will not forget what I owe you.

4 award/official title, etc.

ADJ. full ~s, highest, major, top the stars who took top honours at the MTV Awards | academic, battle, civilian, military, political, royal

VERB + HONOUR award (sb), bestow, confer, give sb The Order of Merit is the highest civilian honour that can be conferred on someone. | accept, pick up, receive, scoop, take, win She has confirmed that she will accept the honour of a peerage. It was the British who scooped the honours at last night's Oscars.

HONOUR + NOUN list, system He was made a life peer in the New Year's honours list.

PHRASES with full military honours He was burie

5 honours: type of degree course

ADJ. combined, joint

VERB + HONOUR do, take (formal) All students taking honours in Greek may also study Modern Greek.

HONOUR + NOUN course, degree He's in the third year of his honours course. | graduate, student

PREP. ~ in joint honours in mathematics and statistics

6 honours: high mark in a degree course

ADJ. first-class, second-class, third-class

HONOUR + NOUN degree | graduate

PREP. with ~ She passed with second class honours.