home noun

1 place where sb/sth lives

ADJ. boyhood, childhood, family, marital, matrimonial, natural, parental Placing a child in public care is sometimes the only solution to ill-treatment in the natural home. It's unusual for young people over 25 to still live in the parental home. | native She left her native home in Ireland and went to America. | permanent, temporary a shelter for people with no permanent home | comfortable, luxurious, luxury, magnificent, nice, pleasant | humble | happy, secure, stable, supportive These children badly need a stable and secure home life. The lock-up garage provides a secure home for your car. | broken children from a broken home (= whose parents are no longer together) | single-parent More and more children in the school are from single-parent homes. | middle-class, working-class, etc. | dream They found their dream home on the shore of a lake. | detached, semi-detached, terrace/terraced | rented | council | country, island, mountain, riverside, seaside, suburban, valley, village He used to spend the summer painting at his country home. | holiday, weekend They also have a holiday home in Spain. | caravan, mobile, motor The storm wrecked the family's caravan home. | ancestral | stately Priceless antique furniture was destroyed in the fire at the stately home. | forest These birds are in danger of becoming extinct as their forest home disappears. | winter The mudflats offer a winter home to thousands of migrating swans. | legendary The hill is the legendary home of King Arthur. | spiritual The first time he visited New Orleans he knew he had found his spiritual home.

VERB + HOME arrive, come, get, go, make your way Let's go home?I'm tired. | bring sb/sth, take sb/sth | be away from, get away from, leave He didn't leave home until he was 24. | abandon The people abandoned their homes and headed for the hills. | find (sb/sth), give sb/sth Perhaps we could find a home for the kitten.

HOME + NOUN address, number Try phoning me on my home number after six o'clock. | buyer, owner | ownership | purchase | sales | background, conditions, environment, life, situation He came from an appalling home background. She had never had a stable home life. | area, base, country, district, state, town | territory, turf I arranged to meet her in her office, as she seemed more relaxed on her home territory. | improvement, maintenance, repairs | extension | loan | help My grandmother has a home help who comes and cleans twice a week. | appliance | computer | furnishings | contents Make sure you insure your home contents for an adequate amount. | comforts She desperately missed her home comforts while camping. | insurance | security Fitting a burglar alarm is the most effective way to increase home security. | entertainment the market for home entertainment systems | use This video is for home use only. | user a laser printer aimed at the home user | trial We are offering a free 15-day home trial on our software. | student, study The course is suitable for classroom or home study. | tutor | work, worker He supplements his income with part-time or home work. | baking, cooking She missed her mother's home cooking. | nursing | visit The doctor was assaulted on a home visit. | remedy, treatment I've tried all the home remedies for headaches without success. | leave He went missing while on home leave from prison. | movie, video We have a home movie of my dad teaching me to swim. | consumption He claimed he had bought the cigarettes for home consumption, not to sell them. | market They hope to sell as many computers on the home market as they export. | affairs, news the party's spokesman for home affairs The newspaper gives priority to home news over international news. | port, waters seamen serving in home waters

PREP. at ~, away from ~ Her job means she's away from home for weeks at a time. | back ~, in your own ~ | ~ of Andalusia, the home of flamenco

PHRASES a home from home The hotel's friendly atmosphere makes it a real home from home. | home-grown home-grown vegetables (figurative) The show gives home-grown musical talent the chance to show what they can do. | home-made home-made bread | on the home front (= used to introduce domestic news) On the home front, the fuel crisis continues to worsen. | welcome home The banner said ‘Welcome home dad!’

2 place that provides care for sb/sth

ADJ. care, charity, children's, convalescent, foster, nursing, old people's, remand, residential, rest, retirement | purpose-built Work begins this week on a purpose-built home for the city's homeless.

VERB + HOME provide (sb with) We have to provide a good home for the children. | run They run a retirement home for the elderly.