holiday noun

1 period of time away from home for pleasure

ADJ. enjoyable, exciting, fun-filled, good, lovely, wonderful | disastrous We had a disastrous camping holiday. | dream What would be your dream holiday? | foreign, overseas | summer, winter | 7-night, two-week, etc. | package | family | activity, adventure, camping, skiing I learned to windsurf on an activity holiday.

VERB + HOLIDAY go on, have, take We're going on holiday to France this summer. Are you having a holiday this year? | book Have you booked your summer holiday yet? | cancel I got ill and had to cancel my holiday.

HOLIDAY + NOUN destination, resort, venue a popular seaside holiday resort | accommodation, cottage, home They also have a holiday home at the seaside. | camp, complex, village | period, season The pool is open throughout the holiday season. | brochure | business, company, firm The recession hit the package holiday business hard. | insurance You should take out holiday insurance before you leave. | arrangements, plans | romance Their holiday romance turned into a lasting relationship. | photos, snaps

PREP. on (a) ~ They met while on holiday in Spain.

PHRASES a holiday of a lifetime This is your chance to win the holiday of a lifetime.

2 period of rest from work/school

ADJ. annual, Christmas, Easter, summer The centre is now closed for the Christmas holidays. | school | paid

VERB + HOLIDAY be entitled to, get, have You are entitled to 24 days' paid holiday per year. I have three weeks' holiday a year. | take I'm taking the rest of my holiday in October. | spend She spent her holiday decorating the flat. | need I really need a holiday!

HOLIDAY + NOUN time | entitlement | pay | job She had a holiday job as a gardener when she was a student.

PREP. during the ~s It can be difficult to keep children occupied during the long summer holidays. | in the ~s My aunt's coming to stay in the holidays. | on ~ I'm afraid Mr Adamek is on holiday this week.

3 day when people do not go to work/school

ADJ. bank, national, public, religious

HOLIDAY + NOUN weekend The roads will be busy on Monday as it's a holiday weekend.