hold noun

1 act/way of holding sth

ADJ. firm, tight He still had me in a tight hold.

VERB + HOLD catch, get, grab, grasp, seize, take Take hold of the handle and give it a hard pull. | have, keep He kept a firm hold on my hand. | lose He lost his hold on the rock and was swept away by the tide. | tighten | relax, release She finally released her hold on me.

PREP. ~ on He tightened his hold on her.

2 influence/control over sb

ADJ. firm, powerful, strong, tight He still has a firm hold on the party. | increasing | fragile, tenuous, weak Her hold on power was now quite tenuous.

VERB + HOLD have | lose The allies lost their hold on northern France. | consolidate, strengthen, tighten Enemy forces have consolidated their hold on the northern province. | break, weaken an attempt to break the hold of the Church

PREP. ~ on This had weakened his hold on power. | ~ over He no longer had any hold over her.