hit noun

1 act of hitting sth/sb

ADJ. direct

VERB + HIT give sth, make, score Give it a good hit At last he managed to score a hit. | receive, suffer, take One of the tanks took a direct hit.

HIT + NOUN list She was at the top of the terrorists' hit list (= the list of people they intended to kill) for over two years. Which services are on the government's hit list? | man, squad He claimed that a hit man had been paid £20,000 to kill him.

2 sb/sth that is very popular

ADJ. big, greatest, huge, massive, real, smash The show has been a smash hit. | immediate, instant | box-office, chart The band are here to promote their latest chart hit.

HIT + NOUN album, film, movie, record, show, single, song | parade (old-fashioned) The single was number one in the British hit parade

PREP. ~ with The series has been a big hit with children.