hip noun

ADJ. lean, narrow Her hips were still narrow like a girl's. | sturdy, wide | broken, dislocated, fractured | arthritic | artificial

VERB + HIP have/put your hands on He put his hands on his hips and sighed. | roll, sway, swing, wiggle She wiggled her hips seductively as she walked. | rotate, turn, twist Twist your hips towards your opponent as you punch. | thrust | break, dislocate, fracture

HIP + VERB spread Her hips had spread since having a baby.

HIP + NOUN fracture, injury | deformity | operation, replacement My grandmother's having a hip replacement. | bone, joint, socket | flask He took a swig of whisky from his hip flask. | pocket Don't carry money or documents in your hip pocket.

PREP. across the ~s She was wearing a short blue dress, belted across the hips. | at the ~ He had his leg amputated at the hip. | from the ~ The gun could be fired from the shoulder or from the hip. | on the ~ She was carrying a baby on her hip. | to the ~ The skirt is slit to the hip on one side.

PHRASES hands on hips He leaned casually against the door frame, hands on hips.