help verb

1 do sth for sb

ADV. a lot My mother helps me a lot. | a bit | solicitously He solicitously helped her back into the chair. | out

VERB + HELP be able/unable to, can/could Can you help me with my homework? | try to I was only trying to help out.

PREP. across I helped her across the road. | into, out of She helped the old man out of the car. | with We all help with the housework.

PHRASES help sb to their feet Mike helped the old lady to her feet. | a way of helping the best way of helping your child

2 make sth easier/better

ADV. enormously, greatly, immeasurably, a lot, really, tremendously Talking to a counsellor helped her enormously. The whole process was greatly helped by the widespread availability of computers. | a bit, a little | certainly It certainly helped that her father is a duke!

VERB + HELP be designed to The minimum wage is designed to help people in low-pay service industries.

PREP. in Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells.