help noun

ADJ. big, enormous, great, invaluable, real, substantial, tremendous, valuable You've been a big help?thanks. It's a great help having you around. This is the first scheme to offer real help to working mothers. | generous | direct The careers officer gives direct help as well as advice. | mutual, self- The system is based on mutual help rather than on payment for services. a best-selling author of self-help books | voluntary The homeless centre relies entirely on voluntary help. | immediate | individual Teachers have little time to give individual help to students. | expert, skilled, technical | outside They can usually manage by themselves, but occasionally need outside help. | financial, legal, medical, practical, professional When the symptoms persisted, I decided to seek medical help.

VERB + HELP appeal for, ask for, beg for, call for, scream for, seek, send for, shout for, summon Police are appealing for help in catching the killers. I opened the window and called for help. | bring, enlist, fetch, find, get He enlisted the help of a private detective in his search for the truth. He ran to get help. | need, want Do you need any help unloading the car? | get, receive | accept He's too proud to accept help. | come to, give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with) Passers-by came to the woman's help when she was mugged.

HELP + VERB arrive, come He lay injured for four hours before help arrived. | be at hand (informal) Don't panic?help is at hand.

HELP + NOUN desk, line (also helpline) For further information, phone our helpline.

PREP. beyond ~ Some of the injured animals were beyond help and had to be destroyed. | of ~ The manual is too technical to be of help to the inexperienced user. | with ~ With a little help, I think I could fix the computer myself. We broke open the lock with the help of a spanner. | ~ for The training centre provides special help for the long-term unemployed. | ~ from With help from a parent, a child can do simple cooking. | ~ in Local teachers provided invaluable help in developing the material. | ~ to She's been a big help to her father. | ~ with He'll need help with this homework.

PHRASES an appeal/a plea/a request for help The family's request for help went unanswered. | a cry for help I heard a cry for help from inside the building. | in need of help The man was clearly in need of urgent medical help. | an offer of help He rudely rejected her kind offer of help.