heir noun

ADJ. lawful, legal, legitimate, rightful the rightful heir to the throne | natural, real, true The socialists saw themselves as true heirs of the Enlightenment. | direct When the Earl of Surrey died in 1347 he left no direct heir. | immediate | designated | apparent, presumptive (both only after heir) On his brother's death he became heir apparent to the title. | sole | female, male | political, spiritual The house was her spiritual home for which she sought a spiritual heir.

VERB + HEIR have He has no heir to leave his fortune to. | beget, get, produce He planned to marry and produce an heir for his estate. | became, fall At the age of twenty he fell heir to a large estate.

PREP. ~ to He is the sole heir to a large mining fortune.

PHRASES the heir to the throne, sb's son and heir He left most of his property to his eldest son and heir.