heat noun

1 being hot/level of temperature

ADJ. burning, fierce, great, intense, searing, terrible, tremendous The soil is baked dry by the fierce heat of the sun. | gentle | excess, excessive If circulation is impaired, the body cannot lose excess heat. | red, white (often figurative) Everything he did was at white heat and lightning speed. | blood, body

VERB + HEAT feel We could feel the tremendous heat coming from the fire. | disperse, dissipate, give out, lose Even after the sun had set, the stones continued to give out heat. | conserve, retain The thick walls retain the heat. | absorb Darker surfaces absorb heat. | conduct Being a metal, aluminium readily conducts heat. | generate, produce, provide, radiate Computers, faxes and photocopiers all generate heat of their own. | withstand a material which can withstand heats of up to 2,000°C

HEAT + VERB build up, increase He tried to ignore the heat building up in the confined space.

HEAT + NOUN loss | exhaustion, stress, stroke (also heatstroke) She slumped to the ground, near to heat exhaustion.

PREP. ~ from the heat from the fire

2 hot weather/conditions

ADJ. baking, blazing, blinding, blistering, boiling, extreme, great, intense, oppressive, scorching, searing, shimmering, stifling, suffocating, sweltering We walked more than ten miles in the blistering heat. | dry | humid, steamy, sultry the steamy heat of New York in summer | 80-degree, 90-degree, etc. | afternoon, midday, morning | summer | desert, tropical

HEAT + VERB grow Daily the heat grew.

HEAT + NOUN haze A heat haze shimmered above the fields.

PREP. in the ~ I can't work in this heat.

PHRASES the heat of the day To avoid the heat of the day we went out in the mornings.

3 source of heat

ADJ. high | gentle, low | medium, moderate | direct Chocolate should never be melted over direct heat. | dry

VERB + HEAT turn up Towards the end of the cooking, turn up the heat to brown the outside. | lower, reduce, turn down | remove sth from, take sth off Bring to the boil slowly, then remove from the heat. | return sth to Return the pan to the heat and stir.

PREP. off the ~ Make sure the pan is off the heat. | on a ~ Cook on a low heat for five minutes. | over a ~ Simmer the sauce over a gentle heat.

4 strong feelings

ADJ. sudden He stared at her, sudden heat in his eyes.

HEAT + VERB flare, flood sth, rise Heat flooded her cheeks.

PREP. in the ~ of in the heat of battle/passion | with ~ ‘It was your hare-brained idea,’ Henry said with heat. | without ~ She spoke without heat.

PHRASES in the heat of the moment Michael bitterly regretted those angry words, spoken in the heat of the moment.

5 race/competition

ADJ. qualifying, regional | dead Competition was fierce, with a dead heat in one of the races (= with two competitors finishing in exactly the same time).

VERB + HEAT win She won her heat.

PREP. in a/the ~ He fell in the first heat.