hearing noun

1 ability to hear

ADJ. acute, excellent, good, normal, sharp | bad, impaired, poor

VERB + HEARING have, possess Whales have acute hearing. | lose She lost her hearing when she was a child. | get back, regain Is there any chance that he'll get his hearing back? | affect, impair, make worse

HEARING + VERB deteriorate, get worse, go His hearing began to deteriorate. Her hearing was already going. | come back, get better, improve Two months after the accident her hearing came back.

HEARING + NOUN impairment, loss, problems | aid to have/wear a hearing aid | person a course in sign language for both deaf and hearing people

PHRASES hard of hearing You'll have to speak more loudly. I'm afraid she's rather hard of hearing.

2 trial in a court of law/similar investigation

ADJ. final, preliminary | fair | formal, full | open, public | private, secret | oral | appeal, custody, disciplinary, petition, pre-trial | committee, congressional, court, tribunal

VERB + HEARING conduct, hold Most councils hold hearings in public. | ask for, call for, demand Protesters are calling for a public hearing. | get, have She said that she had had a very fair hearing from the disciplinary tribunal. | attend | adjourn | tell The hearing was told that the child had been left with a 14-year-old babysitter.

HEARING + VERB take place | begin, open

PREP. at a/the ~ At a preliminary hearing the judge announced that the trial would begin on March 21. | in a/the ~ She was granted a divorce in a five-minute hearing. | pending a/the ~ Pending the hearing of the case by the court, the business will be allowed to continue trading. | without a ~ A High Court judge dismissed the case without a hearing.

3 chance for an opinion to be considered

ADJ. fair, sympathetic

VERB + HEARING give sb/sth At least give our ideas a fair hearing before you reject them. | get You haven't got much chance of your plan getting a sympathetic hearing. | deserve Their views deserve a hearing.

PREP. ~ for All I'm asking is a fair hearing for my ideas.