hear verb

1 be aware of sounds

ADV. clearly, well He's getting old and he can't hear very well. | just I could just hear the music in the distance. | distantly Distantly he heard the report of another gun. | aright, correctly ‘Sheep?’ It sounded so unlikely that Julia did not think she could have heard aright.

VERB + HEAR can/could Can you hear me clearly at the back? | pretend not to | strain to

2 be told about sth

VERB + HEAR be delighted to, be glad to, be gratified to, be pleased to I was delighted to hear about your promotion. | be sorry to I was sorry to hear of your father's death. | be interested to, be surprised to I was surprised to hear that she was married. | want to I told Michael what he wanted to hear. | let sb Let's hear you sing, then. You'd better not let Dad hear you say that.

PREP. about I've heard about this sort of thing before. | of On hearing of his plight, the council offered him a home.

PHRASES hear little, a lot, nothing, etc. about sth We hear very little about these issues nowadays.