healthy adj.

1 not ill

VERBS appear, be, be born, feel, look, seem | become | keep, remain, stay | make sb Working in the open air has made him very healthy. | keep sb Her good diet had kept her healthy.

ADV. extremely, fantastically, really, very | perfectly He's a perfectly healthy child. | fairly, quite, reasonably | apparently The rare disorder strikes apparently healthy boys between the ages of five and twelve. | disgustingly (informal, ironic) You look disgustingly healthy! How do you manage it? | otherwise She looked pale, but otherwise healthy. | mentally, physically

PHRASES fit and healthy

2 producing good health

VERBS be | consider sth a new diet which is considered much healthier than previous ones

ADV. extremely, very We have a very healthy diet. | quite Their lifestyle is quite healthy. | generally

3 working well

VERBS be | remain

ADV. extremely, very The economy is extremely healthy at the moment. | fairly, quite, reasonably, relatively | basically, fundamentally, generally | financially