headache noun

1 pain in the head

ADJ. bad, severe, terrible, violent | mild, slight | dull | pounding, splitting, throbbing | migraine, tension He developed a severe migraine headache.

VERB + HEADACHE have, suffer from I've got a splitting headache. | get, develop We all get headaches from time to time. | complain of The workers had complained of headaches and nausea. | bring on, cause, give sb Exhaust fumes made him drowsy and brought on a headache. Red wine gives me a headache. | plead She had left the party early, pleading a headache.

HEADACHE + NOUN pill, tablet> Special page at ILLNESS

2 sb/sth that causes worry/difficulty

ADJ. big, major, real | constant

PREP. ~ for Uneven cash flow proved to be a major headache for the company.