head noun

1 part of the body

ADJ. bare | bald | shaved | blonde, dark, fair, grey, greying | bent, bowed She sat with bowed head. | severed The city gates were adorned with severed heads.

VERB + HEAD poke, pop, put, stick He put his head round the door. | bob, cock, crane, incline, jerk, tilt, turn She jerked her head in the direction of the door. | lift, raise | bend, bow, drop, duck, hang, lower He hung his head in shame. | swing, throw back, toss He threw his head back and laughed out loud. | nod, shake They nodded their heads in agreement. She shook her head in disbelief. | scratch He scratched his head. ‘I don't understand, ’ he said. (figurative) Detectives have been left scratching their heads over the stolen painting's sudden reappearance. | clutch, hold He lay writhing on the ground, clutching his head in pain. | bury She buried her head in the pillow. | shave

HEAD + VERB ache, throb | bob, jerk, nod, tilt, turn Her head tilted to one side as she considered the question. | droop, drop, hang down, hang low His head drooped and tears fell into his lap.

HEAD + NOUN injury | cold

PREP. above your ~ The thunder burst with a grand crash above our heads. | over your ~ The soldiers were ordered to fire over the heads of the crowd.

PHRASES from head to foot/toe We were covered from head to foot in mud. | a fine/good, etc. head of hair (= a lot of hair) a woman with a lovely head of chestnut hair | have/hold/put, etc. your head in your hands He put his head in his hands, exasperated. | head first He dived head first into the water. (figurative) She got divorced and rushed head first into another marriage. | a nod of the head The ambassador dismissed him with a curt nod of the head. | a shake of the head She declined with a brief shake of the head.

2 mind

ADJ. clear, cool, level She needed to keep a clear head if she was to remain in control. | good I have a good head for figures.

VERB + HEAD use I wish you'd use your head (= think carefully before doing or saying something). | enter It never entered my head that he might be lying. | get it into When will you get it into your head (= understand) that I don't want to discuss this any more! For some reason she's got it into her head (= believes) that the others don't like her. | put sth into Who's been putting such weird ideas into your head? | get sth out of, put sth out of I can't get that tune out of my head. Try to put the exams out of your head for tonight. | bother Don't bother your pretty little head with things like that!

HEAD + VERB spin He could feel his head spinning after only one drink.

PREP. in your ~ I can't work it out in my head?I need a calculator. | inside your ~ It was an accident, said a voice inside his head.

PHRASES can't get your head round sth (= can't understand sth) She's dead. I can't get my head round it yet. | need your head examined He looked at me as if I needed my head examined (= as if I were crazy).

3 heads: side of a coin

VERB + HEAD call I called heads and it came down tails. | come down/up

PHRASES heads or tails?

4 of a group/organization/school, etc.

ADJ. deputy | departmental | nominal, titular The Queen is titular head of the Church of England. | crowned The message was sent to all the crowned heads (= kings and queens) of Europe.

HEAD + NOUN gardener, teacher, waiter | boy, girl (= in a school)

PHRASES a head of department, the head of the family, a head of government/state a summit meeting of heads of state | a head of (the) household > Note at JOB