harm noun

ADJ. considerable, great, serious, untold He was clearly intent on inflicting serious harm on someone. | irreparable, lasting, permanent | emotional, mental, physical, psychological elderly people in danger of physical or emotional harm | economic, environmental

VERB + HARM cause, do, inflict The huge fall in exports has done a great deal of harm to the economy. | mean (sb), wish sb I'm sorry if I upset you?I didn't mean any harm. No one wishes you harm. | come to, suffer I don't think he'll come to any harm if his mother is with him. | keep sb from, prevent, protect sb from, shield sb from The children were removed from their parents to prevent harm to them. She tried to shield her child from harm.

HARM + VERB come to sb/sth I don't want any harm to come to these pictures.

PREP. ~ from babies at risk of serious harm from their parents | ~ to the harm done to the environment

PHRASES more harm than good The drugs he was prescribed did him more harm than good. | out of harm's way The younger children were kept out of harm's way.