handicap noun

1 physical/mental disability

ADJ. serious, severe | mild | mental, physical, visual She can't drive because of her visual handicap.

VERB + HANDICAP be born with, have, suffer (from) Over a million people in Great Britain suffer from mental handicap. | cause | cope with, overcome She has managed to overcome her physical handicaps.

PREP. despite a/the ~ Despite her handicap, Jane is able to hold down a full-time job.

2 disadvantage

ADJ. big, considerable, great, major, real, serious, severe, terrible Lack of transport was a major handicap.

VERB + HANDICAP have, suffer If you don't speak the language, you've got a real handicap. | prove His lack of height can prove a handicap against tall players.

PREP. despite a/the ~ | ~ to This could be a serious handicap to her education.