gun noun

ADJ. big, heavy | enemy They succeeded in silencing the enemy guns. | replica, toy | anti-aircraft, anti-tank, Bren, field, hand, harpoon, laser, machine, spear, Sten, stun, sub-machine | grease, spray, staple

VERB + GUN be armed with, carry, have Look out! He's got a gun! | load I loaded the gun with my last two bullets. | draw, produce, pull (out) | aim, hold, point, raise He raised his gun, aimed and fired. | man Enemy ship approaching! Man the guns! | handle, use | fire, shoot sb/sth with | lay down, put down | silence

GUN + VERB blaze, fire, go off Guns were firing and grenades going off all around. | shoot sth This new gun shoots a laser beam at the target. | jam | be mounted There were several guns mounted in the back of the vehicle.

GUN + NOUN club | control, law a state that has strict gun controls | lobby the powerful gun lobby in the US | emplacement, position | attack, battle | crew | barrel | rack

PHRASES the barrel of a gun I found myself looking down the barrel of a gun. | guns and ammunition We're very short of guns and ammunition. | hold a gun on sb, hold a gun to sb's head Two armed men held a gun to his head and made him empty the safe. | turn a gun on yourself The gunman then turned the gun on himself and blew his brains out.