guilty adj.

1 feeling/showing guilt

VERBS feel, look

ADV. extremely, incredibly, really, terribly, very She's got a terribly guilty conscience about it. | almost I feel almost guilty that so many good things are happening to us. | a bit, faintly, a little, rather, slightly, somewhat, vaguely She was looking rather guilty when I came into the room. | oddly, ridiculously

PREP. about I feel very guilty about leaving her.

2 having broken the law/done sth wrong

VERBS be, plead He pleaded guilty to starting the fire. | believe sb, presume sb No one believed him guilty of this terrible crime. A person should never be presumed guilty. | deem sb, find sb, hold sb, prove sb Company directors may be deemed guilty of an offence if their company causes pollution. He was found guilty of murder.

ADV. certainly, clearly She was certainly guilty, but the police couldn't prove it.

PREP. of She was guilty of fraud.