guilt noun

1 feeling

ADJ. dreadful, terrible

QUANT. pang, twinge

VERB + GUILT be consumed with, be haunted by, be overwhelmed with, be racked with, feel, suffer I knew that the next day I would be consumed with guilt. You needn't feel any guilt about me. | assuage Talking to her helped to assuage my guilt.

GUILT + VERB sear sb, sweep over sb, wash over sb Guilt swept over her.

GUILT + NOUN complex | feelings

PREP. ~ about/at/over He had no feelings of guilt over what he had done.

PHRASES a burden of guilt the burden of guilt that she carried with her | a feeling/sense of guilt

2 fact of having broken a law/done sth wrong

VERB + GUILT admit | establish, prove It might be difficult to prove his guilt.

GUILT + VERB lie There is no doubt as to where the guilt lies.

PHRASES an admission of guilt I took his silence as an admission of guilt. | proof of guilt