guideline noun

ADJ. clear, good, helpful, practical, reliable, useful | broad, general, simple | detailed, explicit | strict, tight | EU, government | planning, safety | ethical, financial, legal

QUANT. set The organization has issued a set of guidelines for builders to follow.

VERB + GUIDELINE develop, draw up, lay down, set out | give (sb), issue, offer (sb), provide (sb with), suggest The document gives clear guidelines on the use of pesticides. | adhere to, apply, follow, stick to We have to follow the safety guidelines laid down by the government. | breach, ignore The minister is accused of allowing the company to breach guidelines on arms sales.

GUIDELINE + VERB apply The same general guidelines on when to dress formally apply to both men and women.

PREP. within ~ Within clear guidelines, managers can use their budget to entertain clients. | ~ about detailed guidelines for doctors about how to deal with difficult patients | ~ for The article suggests some guidelines for healthy eating. | ~ from guidelines from the Department of Health | ~ on new EU guidelines on food hygiene