guidance noun

ADJ. careful, clear, detailed, precise | firm Parents need to provide their children with firm guidance. | gentle | helpful The handbook gives helpful guidance on writing articles. | practical | general These notes are for general guidance only. | divine, expert, parental She prayed for divine guidance. | technical | marriage | career, vocational | ethical, moral

VERB + GUIDANCE give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) We can give guidance to students on which courses to choose. | need | ask for, look to sb for, seek Children look to their parents for guidance. I think you should seek guidance from your solicitor on this matter.

PREP. under … ~, under the ~ of Volunteers are restoring the building under expert guidance. | ~ about The Careers Officer also offers guidance about university courses. | ~ as to Guidance must be given as to what tasks the learner should attempt. | ~ on The Safety Officer provides guidance on firefighting and office safety.