guard noun

1 person who guards sb/sth

ADJ. armed, uniformed The building is protected by armed guards. | border, prison, security

VERB + GUARD post Guards had been posted all around the radio station.

GUARD + VERB patrol sth Guards patrolled the perimeter fence. | protect sth

GUARD + NOUN duty | dog

2 being ready to prevent attack or danger

ADJ. close | constant | armed The accused was taken to court under armed guard. | police

VERB + GUARD keep, mount, stand Soldiers stood guard on the city gates.

PREP. off your ~ The question seemed to catch him off his guard. | on (your) ~ Several police officers were on guard outside the factory. He was always on his guard against moneymaking schemes. | under ~ The prisoners were under close guard. | ~ against, ~ over Two police officers kept guard over the burnt-out building.

3 group of soldiers/policemen who guard sb/sth

ADJ. civil, national, palace, presidential | advance

VERB + GUARD change The guard was changed every two hours. | call out It would only be a matter of minutes before the alarm was raised and the guard called out.

PHRASES guard of honour Fellow soldiers from Corporal Smith's regiment formed a guard of honour at his wedding.