guarantee noun

1 written promise by a company

ADJ. full | lifetime, three-year, two-year, etc. | money-back

VERB + GUARANTEE carry, come with, have All our products come with a two-year guarantee. | give (sb), issue, offer (sb)

PREP. under ~ The car is still under guarantee, so you should be able to get it repaired free of charge. | ~ against The window frames carry a 20-year guarantee against rot or decay. | ~ for The garage gives a year's guarantee for all repair work. | ~ on The contractors offer a full money-back guarantee on all their work.

2 promise that sth will be done/will happen

ADJ. absolute, cast-iron, firm, reliable | long-term | constitutional, personal The country gives a constitutional guarantee of the rights of minorities.

VERB + GUARANTEE give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) | demand, want | get We didn't get any firm guarantee of a loan.

PREP. ~ against There was no guarantee against misuse of the king's power. | ~ for The demonstrators were demanding guarantees for fair elections. | ~ of Driving into town early is no longer a guarantee of getting a parking space.