growth noun

1 increase in sth

ADJ. considerable, dramatic, enormous, exponential, impressive, phenomenal, significant, spectacular, strong, tremendous the exponential growth in world population | explosive, fast, rapid the explosive growth of personal computers in the 1990s | modest, slow, steady The factory has achieved a steady growth in output. | low a vicious circle of low growth and low productivity | long-term | economic, industrial | population

VERB + GROWTH achieve | maintain, sustain | encourage, promote, stimulate | control new measures to control the growth of traffic on the roads

GROWTH + NOUN rate The economy enjoyed the highest growth rate in Asia. | area, industry Communications technology has proved to be a growth area.

PREP. ~ in There was a rapid growth in the numbers of private cars.

PHRASES a rate of growth > Special page at BUSINESS

2 growing

ADJ. healthy, normal A good diet is vital for healthy growth. | excessive the excessive growth of algae in rivers | intellectual, personal, spiritual

VERB + GROWTH encourage Give the plants a good pruning to encourage growth. | stunt Lack of food had stunted his growth.

GROWTH + NOUN hormone

3 abnormal lump in the body

ADJ. cancerous, malignant | benign


PREP. ~ on He had a cancerous growth on his lung.