grow verb

1 increase

ADV. fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | exponentially Well before a billionth of a second had elapsed the universe started to grow exponentially.

VERB + GROW seem to | begin to, start to | continue to | be expected to

PREP. by Profits are expected to grow by 10% next year. | from Her media empire grew from quite small beginnings. | in She continued to grow in confidence | into The village grew into a town.

2 of a person/animal

ADV. fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly

PREP. into The small puppy quickly grew into a very large dog.

3 of plants/hair

ADV. well Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight. | fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | thickly the nettles that grew thickly round the boathouse | outwards, upwards As the island subsided the reef grew upwards and outwards.

VERB + GROW allow sth to, let sth She decided to let her hair grow.

PREP. from The tree grew from a small acorn. | into Small acorns grow into great oak trees.

PHRASES grow unchecked A rose in full bloom had been allowed to grow unchecked up one of the walls.

4 make plants grow

ADV. organically organically grown produce

VERB + GROW be easy to an attractive plant which is very hardy and easy to grow