group noun

ADJ. big, large, wide She has a very wide group of friends. | select, small The president met with a select group of senior ministers. | coherent, cohesive, tight, tightly-knit The strangers who came together for the course soon became a cohesive group. | minority Disabled drivers are an ever-growing minority group. | cultural, ethnic, racial | family The animals live in family groups of 10?20 individuals. | age, peer young people in this age group He started smoking because of peer-group pressure. | discussion a discussion group that meets once a month | self-help | action, pressure Local parents have formed an action group to campaign for better road safety. | splinter A few members of the party broke away to form a splinter group. | theatre | pop, rock | blood What blood group are you?

VERB + GROUP form, found, set up, start | divide sb/sth into We divided the class into small groups. | manage, run | become a member of, join | leave He left the group last year to pursue a solo career.

GROUP + VERB form The group formed back in 1992. | split up The group has split up and re-formed several times with different musicians.

GROUP + NOUN member

PREP. as a ~ The gorillas go foraging for food as a group. | in a/the ~ There are fifteen of us in the group. | within a/the ~ Within a group, each individual had a definite status. | ~ of a group of young mothers > Note at ORGANIZATION